I always wanted to try out a new Flight Simulator. Anyone with me on that, or what? I have tried all sorts of different Flight Simulators, like the new X-Plane 10; which in my opinion, it has its ups and downs. Ever since I had Flight Simulator X, I have always wanted better graphics, more realistic scenery, and more 3-D realistic clouds. Let me tell you a few things why I want a new Flight Simulator.

First off, Flight Simulator X never had good graphics. (don't get me wrong, I still love the simulator). Even with addons, such as REX, or the PMDG aircraft, this simulator lacks something. Realism. Why is this important? Because when I fly this simulator, I actually want to feel like I am there. Not in a cartoon of some sort.

X-Plane on the other hand, has AMAZING graphics, but the controllers and cockpits of the aircraft are limited. This put me at a major upset, when I had payed full-price for this simulator. As soon as I downloaded it, I used it for a good 15 minutes, until I turned the program off in disappointment.

I believe, that Microsoft or the developers of X-Plane, will one day create a better and more realistic Flight Simulator (despite that Microsoft Flight, that came out). Here is my question: What is your opinion on a new Flight Simulator, and what should be better developed in it?

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