For Microsoft's Boeing 747-400, see Boeing 747-400.
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Boeing 747-400
The PMDG's Boeing 747-400 Home Livery.







Flight Simulator X Edition

Standard Edition or higher

The PMDG Boeing 747-400 (also referred to as: B747-400, B744 or the PMDG 747), is an aircraft modeled and designed by the PMDG company.

The Boeing 747-400 is typically used for medium to long haul flights.

Aircraft Details Edit

This aircraft is framerate-friendly, and is very highly detailed, inside and out.


In the inside, the PMDG 747 has a working FMC, working Autopilot, and almost all of the buttons in the cockpit are pressable.


On the outside, the PMDG 747 has various animations, such as the movement of flaps, speedbrakes, gears, and even wingtips.

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